¿Me maltratas por ser oriental?

my family and me were on holidays in spain, elche, one evening we visited the popular village banidorm and we were shopping around. Its was a great shock when we entered a souvenir shop called zambra and an old woman treated as so bad and started shouting as crazy....my wife tryed to find the reason of this behaviour but an assistant told as to go as oriental people were not welcome as the owner (the old women) wanted all out of banidorm....i dont know the reason...
my wife wanted to buy some cheap presents for te family and friends but she felt so bad than she had to be assisted by a women working in a apoteke near by...
i would like to have an explanationn as the treatment we have was extremely rude and not correct.
i have to tell all my friends and colleges not to visit that blame place called banidor never in their lifes ZAMBRA is the correct name of the shop or whatever it is
Jack Hang-Bao

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